Our Story

Times have changed. Renting is the ideal option for those seeking lifestyle, financial or career success. But the industry needs a big shake-up. That’s what we’ve set out to do.

The story behind us

This is how our business partnership started, based on a mutual desire to create change amongst the rental market. Rentals have become a numbers game. When in reality, we’re talking about people and their homes.

So we’ve set out to revolutionise rentals. But how we’re doing it is far from revolutionary. We treat people like they’re people, and investments like they’re investments. Our passion is looking after people and their properties. Hence why we’ve built a strong cultural ethos based on strong values of respect, integrity and fulfilled promises.

We’ve also turned the traditional real estate model upside down. As Directors, we’re at the forefront of our business; working hard to make the Black Picket Fence experience a great one. And unlike many agencies, we don’t leave it to our juniors to run our business. We’re the face of the business and the buck stops with us.

The story behind our logo

Everything that we stand for has been creatively captured into our brand. Developed by Alike Agency, our brand represents the pathway to dreams, hopes and desires.

The white picket fence has always represented the buyer’s dream. So we’ve created ‘Black Picket Fence’ to represent the rental dream. The logo is based on a black picket and is positioned on the side to take on new meaning – a meaning of direction & growth to achieve the housing dream.

The colour black (being the opposite colour to white ) also represents the different way we’re doing things. We’re turning renting on its head – to enable people to live their dream through renting.

Help spread the word

We believe every one of our listings has the potential to be a beautiful home for the right Tenant. And that’s how we work. If you believe in the same thing we do, please join our revolution and help spread the word.

Many thanks
Josh & Nev

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