We’re rental and investment property specialists. We’re the only rental agency with a combined heritage of expertise in financial planning and property management, who solely specialise in rentals and investment properties.

Property Marketing and Campaigns

Our difference is the way we lease. Lead by our Directors, our process is that of a finessed sales strategy. We're about leasing your investment for the highest possible price, within the shortest possible timeframe, to the best possible candidate. We take all steps to make the leasing phase as seamless and efficient as possible. It's the time when a Landlord is most vulnerable, and can face a vacant period with no income. Many are leveraged and we see it as our job to ease that pain.

Tenant Assistance

We look after our Tenants, and subsequently, they look after our properties. We provide a personalised service to all of our Tenants. We ensure they’re provided with a dedicated Property Manager who can help them throughout their tenancy. We’re about building strong relationships with our Tenants so they’re with us for the long-term. We also provide a service to help potential candidates who are looking for something special, find that special home.

Property Management

By narrowing our focus toward rentals, we have the depth of expertise that traditional real estate agencies can’t compete with. Every investment property on our listing has potential to be a beautiful home for the right tenant. And every investment is managed as an investment.

Property Advisory

We’re advisors and managers all rolled into one. We know the market and the formula that works. With real estate industry experience dating from 2003, combined with our financial planning heritage, we can help you get the best from your investment.
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