We put our best people first.

We’ve turned the traditional real estate agency model upside-down. Our Directors are at the forefront of our business – not our juniors. Regardless of whether you’re an Investor or prospective Tenant, our Directors are your first point of contact. What’s most important is that we look after you. And we can’t do that unless we put our best people first.

Joshua George – Founder & Director

With 14 years in the real estate industry, Joshua has found his niche in property management. He has extensive market experience, insight and understanding of the issues and challenges that both Investors and Tenants face. He has set out to revolutionise renting by challenging current mindsets, processes and industry practices. Which is why he created a ‘rental agency never seen before’ – a model based on providing quality staff, exceptional service, and fulfilled promises. And most importantly, he’s making renting a great experience, for both Investors and Tenants.

Nev Weir – Founder & Director

With 40 years experience in the financial planning industry, Nev understands that an investment portfolio is an important element of someone’s financial strategy, and therefore needs to be managed with care and consideration. Nev is a great believer in that every Tenant and Investor should be well looked after. He has established a strong service ethos within Black Picket Fence based on trust, respect and great customer service. Having rented several times over recent years, he can see the need for an overhaul of the rental industry, and has set out to do just that.

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